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brush cutter manufacturers to prevent children

These featureshelp to provide leverage in cutting large stacks of paper.Itoffers a twelve inch cutting length, an excellent paper clamping systemand a paper stop to help align the pages on the cutter. Some organizations even place a lock on theircutters when they are not in use brush cutter manufacturers to prevent children from accidentallyinjuring themselves.Thisheavy duty paper cutter is ideal for small print shops andorganizations that need to cut small to medium volumes of paper quicklyand accurately. Once the latch has been disengaged it is possibleto remove your hand from the latch to complete the cutting process.The MartinYale 700E is an extremely sharp cutter and thus can be very dangerousif not used properly. Forsmall volume trimming jobs it is best to use a guillotine style papercutter or a rotary trimmer. It has an extremely sharp blade thatcould easily cause severe injuries if the safety mechanisms aredisabled or the cutter is operated without care.Aswith all high capacity paper cutters, caution should be used whenoperating the Martin Yale 700e. With this in mind, Martin Yale included a bladelatch that is designed to prevent cutting until the latch is released. It's a good idea to havean extra blade and always keep a sharp one on hand. A snug clamp, along with a sharp blade will give you asmooth, accurate cut. These features are extremely helpful inensuring that documents are cut straight and true. Italso has an easy to adjust paper stop to help in aligning the paper onthe cutter for precise cutting. It isimportant to never take security for granted when using a large papercutter such as this. Recommendation: TheMartin Yale 700e stack paper cutter is ideal for churches, offices andorganizations that need to cut large volumes of paper at a time.Like any cutter, the 7000E functionsbest with a sharpened blade. The blade changingprocess is a bit laborious and will take about 45 minutes.Overview: The Martin Yale 700E is a heavy duty, table-top commercial quality paper cutter that can cut up to 1-1/2" of paper at a time.The Martin Yale 700E has a manually operated paperclamp that is designed to hold documents in place during cutting.TheMartin Yale 700E is an excellent high volume stack cutter. However, itis not ideal for cutting one or two sheets of paper at a time.. This is ideal for cutting or trimming letter sizeddocuments.This feature requires two hands for cutting which helps to preventfingers from getting caught under the razor sharp blade. The clamp should be snug, but not excessively tight onthe sheets. This makesthis an ideal cutter for churches and businesses that need to cut largestacks of paper for the production of flyers, brochures and salesmaterials. However, the 700E cannot trim larger documents where a cutlength longer than 12" is required. Whencombined with the extremely sharp blade used by this cutter, you canslice through large stacks of paper like they are butter. Weaknesses / Limitations: TheMartin Yale 700E paper cutter is equipped with a twelve inch longcutting blade.The 700E commercial stack cutter is ideal for photo shops, schools, churches, small print shops and professional organizations. Strengths / Features: Althoughit is not a true ream cutter, the Martin Yale 700E cutter is capable ofeasily cutting up to 375 sheets of 20lb paper at a time.This presents a potential safety issue if you are not careful.The clamping mechanism on the 700E papercutter is actually quite effective in holding pages in place during thecutting process. Some users will find a tiny bit ofmovement in the stack while cutting and will try to tighten the clampmore, when the real culprit is a dull blade.The700E has a long cutting handle and a heavy wooden base.Although the Martin Yale700E uses a blade latch to help ensure safety, outboard engine manufacturers it is still a dangerouspiece of equipment

Take a asboatsmotors
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